Protect your school with COVID-19 test

We are expanding the availability of COVID-19 testing for students and staff members to keep schools open for in-person learning.
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Safe for Young Ages

We always make sure that your students are comfortable when taking the COVID test.

Frequent Reporting

We provide a personalized real-time COVID dashboard for your school or district.

Over the last 2 years, we've partnered with industry-leaders, scrappy startups, and in-betweeners.

Testing Statistics

We conduct testing for all levels of education

Testing is an essential part of education, but physicals can be a hassle. For the past 10 years, we've been helping all levels of education, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, universities, colleges to achieve their educational goals.
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Services for Schools

Ensure your student's future and safety easily

Elementary School Physicals

We evaluates child’s health status in order to provide appropriate guidance for future development, such as growth and development patterns, nutritional needs, motor skills development, disease prevention, and an appreciation for good health habits.

Middle School Physicals

In addition to a general exam that checks their height, weight, fitness level and so much more, middle school physical also take into account the changes in adolescents including growth spurts, puberty, and hormonal changes. The test also includes STD/STI Testing in order to help keep students safe.

COVID-19 Testing

This provides an easy solution for school to provide COVID-19 tests on their own campus. Schools can quickly test their students on any frequency and provide safe and rapid responses as soon as any outbreak is suspected.

Get Started With 3 Simple Steps

We make it easy to get your organization tested for Covid-19. In 3 simple steps, you can protect your team and your organization from a large outbreak.

Tell us about you

Tell us a little about you and your team, and someone will get back to you to schedule a call.

Meet with our team

During our call, we will review your needs and determine the best way to accomplish them.

Get started

Once we decide on the start date and testing frequency, our team will visit your location to conduct our service.
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Monitor COVID-19 outbreaks to your school in timely manner

Our COVID-19 testing and screening solution is designed to help schools create an action plan to ensure outbreak prevention and ongoing surveillance through testing.
"They came to our school and set up testing stations and were able to test almost everyone in a matter of hours. Fidelity runs the most thorough and efficient virus testing, and now as a teacher, I don't have to worry about catching anything from my students or staff."
-Cory Campbell, Teacher at Monroe High School

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Start keeping educators and students safe.

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