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One in three adults is known to suffer from obesity. If you have a higher weight it can lead to multiple health problems. There is an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. Understanding Does medical weight loss really work is really important before you can proceed further and give it a try. Being overweight will reduce your quality of life. That’s why people are shifting towards a proper exercising routine and moving towards a healthy diet plan.

But, to be honest, it is important to opt for medical weight loss only when all the other measures aren’t working for you. Consulting a doctor beforehand is a crucial step to follow in this regard. So, let’s focus on the plans now.

Understanding medical weight loss

Before you answer your question on Does medical weight loss really work, it is important to check what medical weight loss actually stands for. It is a procedure of losing weight with the guidance of healthcare experts, mainly a doctor.

  • The doctor will use up the knowledge and medical experience to help you attempt weight loss to create a realistic plan matching your unique preferences.
  • Doctors will further help in finding out and keeping the weight loss motivation intact to help you succeed.
  • There are mainly three significant components to medical weight loss and those are initial consultation period, behavioral changes and weight loss medicines.

How well will these drugs work

The prescription based weight loss drugs can be used for over 12 weeks and those are called long-term use. It can lead to some major weight loss when compared to inactive treatment that won’t use medicine. It is called placebo.

  • The proper combination of lifestyle changes and weight loss medicines will lead to greater weight loss than what you can get from changing your lifestyle only.
  • Taking such drugs for around a year means a total body fat loss of around 3% to 12% more than generic lifestyle changes.
  • Losing around 5 to 10% of weight and maintaining that will lead to important health benefits. It helps in keeping your blood pressure under check, covering your blood sugar levels and fat levels in blood.

So, if you have questions like Does medical weight loss really work, the answer is affirmative, only when you have doctors to guide you through the entire stage well.

Know more about weight loss drugs

Some of the weight loss drugs might have mild side effects like diarrhea, constipation or nausea, and those are easily curable. Make sure to inform your doctors if you are facing any of these problems and get quality help from the same sources. Furthermore, don’t forget to ask about the basic benefits and risks of every drug, before you jump straight into using one for your bodily structure over here.

Moving on with the best team of experts is important to keep your weight loss under check. For that, the team from Fidelity HealthCare Group knows better and is ready to offer the right help you need.

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