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Physical Therapy Treatment in Georgia.

Fidelity is the only direct access to physical therapy treatment in Georgia. According to the Georgia State Practice Act, we can see patients without a doctor’s recommendation. We aim to offer the best quality care to help you accomplish the results you want.
Fidelity provides specialized physical treatment services for sports injuries, athletic training, post-surgery, back pain and sciatica, balance, neurological disorders, and so forth.
Fidelity patients have discovered sure success in our therapies because of our use of advanced methods and technology.
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It’s Time to Get Rid of Unnecessary Pain!

The physical therapy experts at Fidelity are licensed and highly trained to offer professional advice and treatment for injuries and conditions that affect the body’s capacity to work painlessly and effectively.
We will help you restore your body from fractures, strains, sprains, and chronic conditions that lead to intolerable pain. If you consult our physical therapists, they will conduct a detailed analysis, present a diagnosis, and advise some treatment plans.
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Physical Therapy Treatments Tailored Just for You!

Fidelity wants to be your first choice for physical therapy treatment services in Georgia.
With our commitment to tailored care and advanced experience, we can accomplish optimal therapy results for our patients to improve their quality of life and help them meet their wellness targets.
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Physical Therapy Treatments We Provide.


Sports Medicine

While treating athletes of all performance levels and ages, we implement the medical standards of physical therapy for exercise, sport, and physical functionality. We mainly focus on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries that occur during a sporting event or physical activity, and the steps to follow to prevent another injury in the future.

Our sports medicine treatment plan includes prevention, identification, analysis, care, treatment, recovery, and reconditioning. At Fidelity, we have many experts with different sports-related credentials. All of our specialists are aware of the positive impact of sports in our lives. Every specialist plays a considerable role in moving the athletic process as fast and seamlessly as possible.

Manual Therapy

We execute hands-on methods like manipulation and mobilization to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Manual treatment is very effective in increasing flexibility in muscles and stiff joints. Our manual therapy plans are sometimes combined with different prescription workout programs to help patients continue their function during their recovery between appointments.

Back and Neck Pain or Spine Programs

Fidelity is recognized for treating patients who have been suffering from severe low back pain for maximized time periods. With different manual treatments and modalities, we work with all patients to analyze, educate, treat, and encourage them to get rid of neck, back, and chronic disorders.

Pre and Post-Surgical Care

According to studies, recovery is accelerated for patients who get physical treatment before and after their surgeries. Before a surgery, we help you know what to expect, and later, our recovery program helps you obtain strength and restore a full range of movement and mobility.

Our effective therapies include different orthopedic surgeries like total knee and hip replacements; fracture repair; lumbar and cervical disc surgeries; and different arthroscopic processes for the hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder.

We will help you get back to your regular active lifestyle ASAP. Working with our physicians, we will provide impactful workout programs tailored for your complete rehabilitation.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance problems and dizziness affect many Georgians. In several cases, these problems are related to issues with their vestibular system, one of the primary balance systems in the body that works like a natural gyroscope.

If you have issues with your vestibular system, you may have encountered symptoms of imbalance, vertigo, migraines, frequent falls, and dizziness. We have encountered positive outcomes with vestibular therapy to help our patients obtain their balance and mitigate the risk of falls.

Concussion Therapy

Athletes usually experience concussions, the most common head injuries at all performance levels. Concussions are related to confusion, amnesia, and disorientation, loss of consciousness, headaches, and visual disturbances.

Our physical therapy specialists work with athletes to offer post-concussion recovery treatments when they encounter symptoms of concentration issues, forgetfulness, or behavioral changes. Our services include comprehensive screening and analysis, treatment assessment and follow-up, and treatments to identify cognitive problems. We collaborate closely with your doctor to provide competent medical care.
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