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Functional Medication Treatment Services.

Functional medicine is an alternative therapy designed to prevent and heal chronic ailments. The study into the effectiveness of functional medicine shows that it can help with many issues related to the immune system, gastrointestinal system, or different chronic ailments.
At Fidelity, we provide an extensive array of functional medicine treatment services in Georgia to identify different health and wellness requirements of our patients.
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Functional Medication Treatment Services in Georgia

Functional medicine is offered to patients from a knowledge base that focuses on the reasons, prevention, and therapy or treatment to identify complex or chronic ailments. The approach of this medicine is biology-based and engages diagnosing and directing attempts to fix the primary cause of a disease.
Treatment plans are comprehensive and may include a blend of medicines, lifestyle changes, health supplements, and other tools. Based on every person’s exceptional challenges, providers might concentrate on helping people understand nutrition, mindful eating, relaxation response, and stress handling.
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Patient-Focused Treatment

The intensity of functional medication is supervised toward patient-centric care to offer a way toward ultimate patient health and not just the cure of the disease. The different kinds of functional medicine treatment services we provide to our Georgia patients include:
  • Genetic testing
  • Life Coaching
  • Peptide Thera
  • Gut Health Therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Cognitive Health Treatment
  • Cardiovascular Health Treatment
  • IV Vitamin Treatment (Chelation Therapy)
  • Weight loss management (appetite suppressing)
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Testosterone)

A Multidisciplinary Healthcare Approach

As a functional medication treatment service provider in Georgia, we consider different possible interactions involved in a patient’s lifestyle, medical history, physiology, and habits that may contribute to a specific ailment.
Moreover, we assess the genetic structure of patients alongside other factors that may impact their body’s different functions. By including integrative medication into our protocol, we can help address every wrong lifestyle habit that may be the reason for a specific chronic ailment.
Functional medicine combines western traditional medicine with integrative medication. Sometimes, the implementation of this medicine involves different genetic and environmental studies performed to gain more profound knowledge regarding the medical status of a patient.
By learning the patient’s biochemical condition, we can diagnose the main causes of disease and help prevent all health risks and problems for the patient in the future.
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Our Approach to Functional Medicine Treatment


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalance can greatly impact your mind, body, and soul. Hence, many of our patients depend on hormone replacement treatment to recover their mental clarity, sex drive, energy, and concentration capacity.

Bio-identical pellets positioned under the skin release hormones in a time-release manner and provide effective, easy relief for our patients, particularly when they age. For people who like hormone injections, we also provide that choice. Recover your self-esteem and start leading a more balanced life with hormone replacement therapy.

Physician-Supervised Weight Management

We know that losing weight is challenging and no single therapy works for every patient. Therefore, our medically supervised weight loss programs are tailor-made.

As an added benefit, your program is designed and supervised by your physician, making sure the changes you will make are precise and safe for you. Your routine may include a combination of tactics, including particular exercises, nutritional instruction, supplements, and more.


It may sound weird, but it’s true: if you try to look your best, you will begin to feel good also. Hence, it makes sense that creating even tiny aesthetic enhancements can kickstart your healthy living habits.

At Fidelity, our functional medicine specialists are experienced and up-to-date on several recovery techniques, including cosmetology to identify wrinkles and fine lines for younger-looking skin. Talk to our specialists about which aesthetic treatment may be perfect for you.

IV Infusions

When you suffer from stress, health crises, overindulgence, or exhaustion, you may need an improvement that only IV infusions can offer. By applying vitamins, hydration, and other nutrients directly into your veins, you get instant relief. Infusions are effective, safe, and can be tailored based on your health or wellness targets.

The therapeutic effects of IV infusions may be exactly what you require following a problem.
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