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Primary Healthcare Services Provider.

Fidelity is here for you as your primary healthcare services provider in Georgia. We are committed to helping Georgians stay healthy through intervention and prevention of diseases.
Our primary healthcare services help people build a connection with a primary care provider that will learn about you and your particular healthcare requirements.
Our primary healthcare services cover you when it comes to regular check-ups, sick visits, yearly wellness tests, and more in Georgia.
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Georgia Primary Healthcare

Fidelity has a team of primary care specialists to serve individuals and families with selective and detailed care in Georgia. Our objective has always been to help people lead a healthy life by preventing and curing unwanted ailments.
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Who Looks for a Primary Care Specialist?

Everybody can benefit from visiting a primary care expert as they can turn to a place for their health requirements. Moreover, they can have regularity in their care. Fidelity offers these types of primary healthcare services in Georgia:
  • Pediatrics (Primary Healthcare for Kids)
  • Internal Medicine (Primary Medical Care for Adults)
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Why Do You Require a Primary Healthcare Expert?

Having a primary healthcare expert at Fidelity helps you create a connection with your primary care provider, who will learn about your medical history. Moreover, it allows us to serve you faster and more efficiently in the future if a problem arises.
With regular visits to our primary care expert, you have a better possibility of addressing future ailments quickly and preventing possible health problems.
One big advantage of having a primary healthcare provider at Fidelity is that it helps you gain precise references to the correct expert if you have an ailment or injury that requires further analysis.
After all, self-references can result in a consultation with the wrong expert where you may gain no further details about your health problems.
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Primary Healthcare Services We Provide


General Practice or Adult Medicine

Our adult medicine team offers detailed medical care to patients aged 18 and over. We provide chronic disease management and preventative care for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and so forth.

Also, we offer ADHD treatment, cancer screenings, regular medical assessments, yearly physicals, prescription management, and acute injury care. We provide constant care to help people live healthy lives. Our physicians, nurses, and assistants concentrate on preventative healthcare so you can control your health issues.

Pediatrics or Adolescent Medicine

We have pediatricians to take care of your kids from newborns to 19 years old. We offer sports physicals, immunizations, yearly tests, sick care, and so forth. Our pediatricians work with specialists for kids with chronic ailments like diabetes, asthma, or dermatitis to provide the care they require.

By meeting their several medical requirements, we help adolescents and teens lead healthy adulthood. Fidelity helps you know how to deal with your disease or illness. Also, you don’t need to make or deal with challenging decisions. With our assistance and help, you can manage what you know about your body.

Psychological Well-Being

Fidelity experts treat you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our behavioral health experts provide family, individual, and group counseling for anxiety, grief, stress, and anger management. We also provide bullying and depression support and can recommend specialists or psychologists to help you with your behavioral health.

We make sure to give personal attention to your concerns and challenges. You can schedule recurring or regular appointments. Along with educational and counseling services, we recommend trained mental health professionals who can prescribe precise medicines if we feel prescription drugs are all you need.


Our pharmacy team offers prescription fills and refills, medicine counseling, and refill reminders. Our all-inclusive pharmaceutical services also include hands-on training and medication education for prevention and treatment.

Women’s Health

Our services for women’s health include regular check-ups, counseling, gynecological tests, minor and major surgeries, STI treatment, and more. We provide postpartum care, management of uterine bleeding and fibroids, cervical cancer screenings, reproductive health services, and more.

Women’s healthcare services also include family planning. Through our all-inclusive family planning services, we help you give birth or prevent unwanted pregnancies through effective methods. We ensure the family planning option you select works well with your medical requirements.

Laboratory Services

Fidelity provides laboratory services in and around Georgia. We run different tests quickly, precisely, and affordably. Our lab testing services help us get a better insight into your medical condition and offer you the best diagnosis and treatment.

Our laboratory services include: COVID test, HIV test, Flu test,  Thyroid tests, Pregnancy test, Hemoglobin test, Glucose levels, Lipid profile, Urinalysis, CBC (Complete Blood Count), Mono tests, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), and so forth.
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