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From all the modern research taking place, it is clear to state that oxytocin helps in reducing body weight and fat. Not only that, but it helps in improving glucose homeostasis, which will further highlight the potential as one targeted therapy for metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus and obesity.

This hormone primarily affects the brain regions that will help in controlling eating behavior for exploring the possibility of using this hormone as obesity treatment.

The main role of oxytocin

Oxytocin is targeted as a hormone, which will play significant role in trust, social interaction, sexual reproduction, anxiety, childbirth and even the bonding between a mother and infant. That’s why most people call it the “love hormone.”

  • This hormone helps in increasing the uterus contraction during labor and also the main reason behind milk production.
  • Some of the major discussions related to oxytocin will focus on its role during childbirth, but it can also affect other parts of bodily functions, like your relationship with food.
  • Some might ask questions like Does oxytocin help you lose weight and the recent studies have answered it as yes.
  • Oxytocin helps in altering how people with obesity will process images of some of the high calorie food items.

How oxytocin affects the major reward areas

Oxytocin can always be considered to be a promising drug treatment for obesity. Previous research materials have shown that oxytocin nasal spray interacts with the brain circuits that will play a significant role in eating behavior.

  • Knowing well this drug will affect the critical step towards establishing oxytocin as one drug treatment for obesity and overeating.
  • Some research materials have answered questions like Does oxytocin help you lose weight. It has been indicated that oxytocin reduces activation of part of the brain’s reward system.
  • It can only work on obese people who are otherwise deemed healthy.
  • It has been proven that oxytocin weakened the functional connection between VTA and the brain cells related to food motivation. So, that’s how people lose interest in trying food items and that helps in maintaining their growing weight.
  • Some doctors have further explained that individuals with obesity will have abnormally hyper-activated brain reward areas whenever they look at high-calorie food items, even when they are full.

All these points clearly state how you can use medications like oxytocin to help keep obesity under control.

How it affects your appetite

Do you want an answer to a question like Does oxytocin help you lose weight? Well, it has been found out that oxytocin affects the appetite by decreasing intake and also by promoting lipolysis and fat oxidation. It helps in lowering body temperature and the visceral fat and also increases thermoregulation and the power of energy consumption.

Oxytocin also works by playing a major role in metabolic homeostasis and glucose, which in turn, helps in increasing the insulin consumption. An increase in the level of oxytocin will send signals to reduce calorie consumption by your body and will raise the energy intake.

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