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Due to the unwanted COVID-19 pandemic, people were stuck inside your house for a long. Even though you have multiple health issues, one significant point is the weight gain. People were prohibited from leaving their homes, which gave rise to unwanted weight gain issues. You might have tried dieting and exercising, but nothing seems to work that great. Is medical weight loss worth it? Well, thanks to doctors and their advice, with proper guidance, you can use medical drugs to help lose a good chunk of weight.

Better than surgical options

Bariatric surgery is one way to combat medical obesity. But, it seems to be a bit towards the intimidating side. Then moving on with a plain old diet and exercise on the other hand seems ineffective no matter how hard you plan to try. So, another proven way to reduce the growing weight is by taking help of medical weight loss.

While some might feel skeptical of the online programs and might have trouble putting together their own working schedule, medical weight loss is one structured way to lose weight.

Why is it important to lose weight

Feeling great is really important to boost your morale, support and self-confidence. But, unhealthy weight gain will have negative consequences. The life of a patient significantly deteriorates after being overweight.

  • Unhealthy weight gain is related to health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid issues, muscle loss and sexual health issues.
  • On the other hand, during COVID, obese patients are likely to suffer from life-threatening and severe symptoms.
  • Experts have stated that these obese patients are thrice more likely to get hospitalized if they contract COVID.
  • Obese people will have decreased lung capacity and that makes ventilation difficult.

So, if you are trying to get your hands on a better lifestyle, then medical weight loss is what you should be dealing with. Is medical weight loss worth it and the answer is yes, but only under professional guidance.

How well it works

For those having trouble losing weight even after trying diet and exercise, medical weight loss seems to be the last resort, if you don’t want to go under the knife! Medical weight loss is somewhat different from the self-implemented methods and you need to be under strict professional guidance for the same.

  • Apart from using general weight loss techniques, patients will use a program, tailor-made to the needs by doctors.
  • Professionals in the area of weight loss will constantly back up patients.
  • With proper guidance, you get to lose around 5 to 10 pounds of fat within a span of 1 week!
  • On the other hand, the gains will be put on hold in the far future, because medical weight loss will address the root causes.
  • Patients will learn why they are gaining weight and how to prevent that from taking place.

All these points will answer your question on Is medical weight loss worth it. Experienced doctors from the house of Fidelity HealthCare Group are more than happy to address every query that comes to your mind.

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