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Phentermine is mostly known as amphetamine-like prescription medication, which is used for suppressing appetite. It can also help with weight loss by decreasing the level of hunger or making you feel full for a longer span of time. Consult with doctors before you opt for Phentermine weight loss teleconsultation services. Phentermine is now available with proper combination of the topiramate for that weight loss routine.

Much like any other prescribed weight-loss drugs, Phentermine is mostly intended to be widely used as part of an overall weight loss plan. It is widely used by people, who are suffering from obesity and have failed to lose enough weight with exercise and diet alone. It is not for those people who are here to lose a few pounds.

More about Phentermine

Phentermine is targeted as a Schedule IV drug. It is primarily a classification presented to drugs with potential for abuse, even when the actual potential remains towards the lower side. However, there are some side effects you need to be aware of, much like any other drugs. There is a growing demand for Phentermine weight loss teleconsultation, but before that, focusing on Phentermine will be a great call.

  • Dry mouth
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Prickling feeling in feet or hands
  • Nervousness
  • Constipation
  • Sleeplessness

None of the side effects are too serious and can be dealt with easily. Doctors will ask about your medical history before recommending Phentermine for your use. In case they see any chance of you having any side effects, they will offer additional medications to cover those plans too.

Even though Phentermine is always considered to be a prescribed drug to lose weight, it is not recommended to use if you have any heart issue, suffer from high blood pressure or have an overactive thyroid gland. It is also not for those women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. Even breastfeeding women should maintain a distance from it.

The time the medicine takes to work magically

One major thing about Phentermine is that it is known to work its magic pretty fast. From what the studies have shown, Phentermine works within 3 to 4.4 hours. But, it might take a couple of weeks for you to see some changes regarding weight loss. So, you need to be patient.

  • In order to see some results as quickly as possible, you might want to minimize the present consumption of carbohydrate rich food items.
  • On top of that, you are asked to stay hydrated most of the time as your body needs fluid to make this medicine work.
  • Furthermore, it is also recommended to stay as active as possible. Making your metabolism work hard will work wonderfully for your body, especially when you have added Phentermine to it.

However, it is always recommended to go for the Phentermine weight loss teleconsultation first, before you can finally come to a decision. It is always important to know what the doctors have to say before a final call.

The team from Fidelity HealthCare Group is more than happy to offer the tele-consultation you are looking for.

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