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There are times when you are trying to lose weight but nothing seems to be working. You are spending hours at the gym and straining your muscles but in vain. What medical conditions prevent weight loss? Finding this answer might let you know why it has been so difficult to lose weight. 

There are certain medical conditions, which will prevent your body from losing weight as often as you want. In some extreme cases, bariatric surgery seems to be the only option left. But, once you are well aware of the medical conditions you are suffering from, you can get those treated first, before starting with the weight loss programs.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, mostly known as PCOS, is a hormone-centric condition. Right now, it has been affecting millions of women across the globe. 

  • This medical condition is characterized by the formation of multiple smaller cysts on the ovaries and an imbalance of hormones
  • Such hormonal changes can lead to some major symptoms. Some of those are thinning hair, difficulty getting pregnant, miscarriage, menstrual cycle disruptions, weight gain, acne, and excessive facial or body hair.
  • Women, who are unfortunate victims of PCOS, will find it pretty hard to lose weight. But, once you can manage the conditions successfully, you can again try losing weight with positive results.


What medical conditions prevent weight loss? Hypothyroidism is your answer. Also known as underactive thyroid, Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland will not produce enough of the hormone needed to burn fat. It results in a slower metabolism.

  • Hypothyroidism can easily be genetic. So, if any of your close family members have been diagnosed with it, chances are high that you will be the next victim.
  • Therefore, it is always recommended to get checked out first as untreated Hypothyroidism can lead to complications.
  • Some symptoms to look into are depression, fatigue, constipation, hair loss, sensitivity to colds, swelling of the thyroid gland, and menstrual issues in women.

Insulin Resistance

Sometimes known as Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance is when the body fails to respond to insulin. The condition makes it difficult to balance proper blood sugar levels. It will cause multiple symptoms. Some of the major ones are tiredness, fatigue, and unwanted weight gain.  

Insulin Resistance can easily lead to heart troubles, diabetes, and some other serious health conditions. Therefore, seeking medical advice ASAP is a must. However, some people can control the situation by making some simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Hormonal imbalances

Women, who suffer from hormonal changes, are likely to gain weight even after following a strict diet plan. They find it hard to lose weight. Hormonal changes take place due to some health conditions. It can also be a result of normal life changes like the onset of the menstrual cycle, menopause, or even pregnancy. 

No matter what the medical condition is, getting it treated before starting to lose weight is always a good call. For some help and advice, visit Fidelity HealthCare Group now!

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