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Individuals who are living with mental disorders will frequently turn to their primary care physician as the first line of treatment. Even though it is a known fact that approximately 1 in every 4 to 5 adults experience mental trauma, some studies have shown that only 5% of those people will seek care from experts providing behavioral health services in Georgia. The integration of primary care and behavioral health will be the best answer to reaching out to the majority of people. 

Adding behavioral health within the primary care setting will help the providers to address the whole person. As the behavioral and medical health providers collaborate on such cases, they receive more insight into the concerning points of the individual and how to treat them well.

The approach will free up the medical provider’s time in appointments. It will help them to address medically-oriented concerns. Furthermore, primary care settings are more accessible and with a diversified population of those seeking medical care.

Procuring behavioral health treatment

Asking for behavioral health treatment from primary care setting has its own set of advantages for the individuals. 

  • On the other hand, integrated behavioral health treatment will address positive results like decreasing the current level of depression, decreasing stress, improving life quality, and lowering rates of psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Individual reports less concern about the mental health stigma while going to the primary care specialist’s office.
  • Such evidence suggests that when both behavioral and medical concerns are managed together, patients are likely to be more compliant with their treatment plan.

How behavioral health can help you out

Behavioral health services are known for their predictable outcomes. It includes better management of mental illness, higher life quality, and improved work performance. So, that results in less societal burden.

  • But, the effects of behavioral health treatment are way more personal when it is to an individual.
  • In case you are struggling with substance abuse, behavioral health treatment will help kick your habit.
  • So, you get the chance to restore your positive relationships with friends and family, and further save physical health.
  • Behavioral health is the key to all those victims suffering from disordered eating and social isolation.
  • Furthermore, behavioral health treatment will help you to avoid the physical effects of any mental health issue.
  • By addressing depression, for example, behavioral health will reduce any risk associated with developing conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Behavioral health is also used for preventing complications related to alcoholism. It includes chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Presenting immediate and long-term benefits

Thanks to behavioral health services from Fidelity HealthCare Group, you get the opportunity to reduce or stop substance abuse. It helps you to find steady work and even housing. With proper counseling, you will be able to decrease depressive or any kind of anxiety episodes. It helps you to feel more controlled of your life.

The next time you are looking for such consultation or counseling periods, waste no time and visit us at https://www.fidelitymd.com/.

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